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Binge Eating 2016 – Proven Way to Change For Good This Year

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It’s the New Year again. I don’t know about you, but I always felt obligated to address my Binge Eating issue in my New Year’s resolutions. Heck what am I talking about?  I woke up every morning swearing that today would be the day!  


But the New Year always brought such promise and hope. I was able to set other goals for my life and hit them… at school, at work I was always able to reach my goals and stick to the plan I had set out for myself.


my 2016 goals list on clipboard and coffee against grunge wood desk


What made sticking to a plan to change my eating habits so much different?


One of the things I’ve learned in my 25 plus years of helping people change their eating habits is that this is a different game. A different game requires different rules.


If you haven’t read my free book (no worries I do the same thing – download and then never check it out) please start there. That little book (easy read) will explain exactly how to break free of the prison of food compulsions. Free Book Link


If you haven’t taken the free Binge Eating Quiz please start there. Quiz Here


It will give you an idea as to where you fall on the scale (you know you love to know the numbers). And give you an idea of exactly what you have to do to walk out of food compulsions of every kind.


Here at BingeEating.com we are gearing up for a huge 2016!


When I started this website I never thought there would be so much interest. I’ve had to change all of my business commitments just to keep up!


If you are one of the folks who replied to us about the Private(secret) Facebook Group please keep your eyes out for that coming soon. 


It’s very cool technology. None of your friends on Facebook will even know you’re in it!.  No postings on your wall or timeline – nothing. A truly secret group you can participate in anonymously.


Let’s all make 2016 the year you really put binge eating behind you and move into the life you know you truly deserve.



PS: If you haven’t followed us on Twitter yet please do! Twitter Page

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