Worried You May Be A Binge Eater?

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Cut Yourself Some Slack

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Be Kind To Yourself Message written on recycled paper note pinned on cork board. Motivational concept Image

From the urban dictionary:

cut me some slack:

-relax and get off my back
-stop giving me such a hard time
-back off and take it easy

This is phrased as a demand to another person. I want you to think of it as a request or maybe even a demand of yourself TO yourself.

I want you to “Cut Yourself Some Slack” for goodness sake.

Stop with internal demands.

Stop with the woulda, coulda and shoulda’s.

Just give it all a day off. Start with an hour off. Heck, for some of us, we need to start with a minute off.

As I say in my book: Download Link – “If beating yourself up unmercifully worked we’d all be perfect right now.”

This is definitely a chicken and an egg dilemma. Or at least when we first get started we THINK it is. We believe that “once I get this eating thing(among other things) under control I’ll be kind to myself. My self talk will be better when I’m thin.” blah, blah ,blah, etc, etc.

Well I’m here to tell you the process works in the complete opposite way:

When you are kind to yourself, when you treat yourself gently with respect and dignity – THEN and only then will you start to see results in the ways that you desire to change or grow. (like your binge eating)

It’s the holidays. The demands we place on ourselves are truly inhuman, or in it unhuman?

Anyway, it’s a LOT. We expect way too much of ourselves.

I’m just asking you to: “Cut Yourself Some Slack”

Be well,

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